How to repair a tire

How to repair a tire?

Tire repair is an operation that must be carried out carefully. The tire is the only vehicle component in direct contact with the pavement. Hence it’s important in terms of driving comfort and safety. It is also responsible for supporting the vehicle’s entire weight and contributes to the performance of the braking, damping, steering, and transmission systems. So, let’s explain how to repair a tire:

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For all these reasons, the tire of any light or heavy vehicle should be repaired immediately when it presents anomalies, provided that the damage is susceptible to it. It can guarantee that the safety levels after the repair are sufficient.

Criteria for determining whether and how to repair a tire

First of all, it is necessary to assess whether the anomaly of the tire is repairable or not. Based on this premise, it must take it to account that there are damages such as rupture. Also, perimeter deformation on the sidewall, or air pockets between the rubber and the carcass ply, among others, irreparable necessarily require the replacement of the tire.

Once this initial assessment has been made and it has been determined that tire repair is possible, it is time to see what type of repair is possible in the specific case. There are two options:

The tire has a puncture. Punctures can be repaired in any rubber if the puncture is not located on the tire’s nomenclature. And if it does not have a diameter greater than 15 mm. The rubber is not rated with a high-speed code (from H codes onwards, it is not advisable to repair punctured tires).

That the tire has no tread. Tires mounted on heavy vehicles, and some industrial tires can be retreaded and regrooved to avoid replacement since the cost is very high. This repair method is not approved for passenger cars, motorcycles, etc.

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Generic processes for repairing flat tires

Punctures can be repaired on an emergency basis and temporarily with one of the systems discussed in this article or permanently and approved for everyday driving. The permanent and approved repair systems for punctured tires offer a more effective and lasting damage sealing, which guarantees safety while driving. They are approved by manufacturers and allow driving without speed restrictions.

There are two types of approved tire repair systems: those made with PRP patches (puncture repair patches), known as «mushroom» patches, and vulcanized patches. For starting the repair, it is essential to put on mechanical protection gloves and safety goggles, verify that the puncture is repairable and dismount the tire. Similarly, after completing the repair, the tire must be mounted, inflated, balanced, and checked for leaks before mounting the wheel.

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