Does roadside assistance cover towing?

Does roadside assistance cover towing?

In case of serious accidents where the problem cannot solve on the spot, the assistance on the road ensures that the vehicle reaches the requested destination. Such as the vehicle repair shop, towing, and other similar services. But, does roadside assistance cover towing?

What type of vehicle is used for towing in roadside assistance?

An emergency vehicle operator generally provides towing services to rescue or move them from places with no way to drive them. Vehicles can be towed for various reasons, such as traffic accidents, drivers intoxicated or under the influence of hallucinogenic substances, or simply because they were parked in the wrong place.

What's happening to your car?

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Flatbed or stretcher cranes are most commonly used to transport vehicles since they do not exert pressure on the car or require towing for a long time. They are also known as platform cranes. They have a platform, generally made of steel, on which the vehicle is transported.

The platform is located at the rear of the stretcher, which is tilted to take the shape of a ramp so that the vehicle can be lifted. After the car is in position, a hydraulic system is used again to level the flat surface.

The main characteristic of these cranes is that they do not allow the rolling of damaged vehicles. Either because they have been involved in an automobile accident or mechanical damage. It is not possible to drag the car in any way.

Platform cranes have different lengths and capacities depending on the loading requirements. They also allow fast transfers of slow-moving machines such as tractors.

They have a metal tow rope or cable that helps lift the rolling vehicle in case it is immobile and makes it easier to get on the platform. Once on the platform, it is equipped with a wheel hitch to hold the wheel to prevent the vehicle from sliding on the plate.

So, does roadside assistance cover towing?

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