Why is roadside assistance 24/7?

Why Is Roadside Assistance 24/7?

You may have wondered why roadside assistance services should be both day and night. Here are some reasons to answer why roadside assistance is 24/7?

Why is daytime roadside assistance important?

Many vehicles travel daily on the city’s roads, which makes the probability of accidents and emergencies serious. In addition, these vehicles are not on the road just for their sake. Most of them have a function for which they are making their displacement. Almost all of the reasons are linked to economical purposes that benefit the entire city. First, there are the cars that provide transportation services, such as cabs or buses, and private vehicles that offer passenger services from applications such as UBER, InDriver, and Didi. These are transports where payments are given immediately as a condition to provide the service.

In second place are cargo transports, both of merchandise and other types of distribution goods. Money does not flow in immediate transactions but in agreements at a more macro level where transporters receive payment for transporting the merchandise. We can add the trucks and transporters that carry construction material for construction sites and the motorcycles that travel to deliver homes.

In third place, we see public service vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks, and others that respond to specific services such as ambulances or patrol trucks to monitor air quality.

And finally, we have the private automobiles, which fulfill the function of transporting people without a specific lucrative purpose, and that go around the city just like motorcycles and other transports such as bicycles, but that ultimately consume gasoline and contribute to the road flows of all cities.

why is roadside assistance available 24.7

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All this enumeration is necessary to say that all vehicles in their different varieties are designed to fulfill a function of economic distribution, either passive or active. They all spend and are responsible for different monetary transactions.

Suppose one of these vehicles has problems or an accident in the middle of the road and does not have help to get back on the road as soon as possible. In that case, it will be of terrible gravity for the owners of the vehicles and for the rest of the city, which as a system, works in a coordinated way. Now, if it only happens in one case, there are alternative routes. Still, if there are two, three, ten, or a hundred vehicles without assistance, the loss of time and money for the entire city will be so great that it is a risk that the municipalities cannot afford. This is why roadside assistance services are so necessary.

Why is nighttime roadside assistance important?

why is roadside assistance 24.7

Likewise, although traffic flow is lower, nighttime is also a time when businesses are on the move. At night, some civilians drive around the city in their cars and some cabs and other transportation services. Buses are generally fewer, but police cars should be there, as night patrolling is necessary.

However, what prevails here are the night freight transports, which allow efficient arrival of goods to various places without delays. If one of these transports loses its stability and has a flat tire, there will be no workshops to attend it, and that is why the roadside assistance service is essential.

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why is roadside assistance avaliable 24 hours a day

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