What is lockout service?

What is Lockout Service?

Every day people accidentally lock themselves out of their vehicles, and one of the most common reasons for it is they lose their keys or leave them inside the car, but they don’t have the spare key with them. So, if they don’t pretend to break the car’s windows, they will need to get a quick solution. That’s why a lockout service is necessary, but what is lockout service?


Lockout service provides entry to your home, vehicle, or business if you run out of keys to enter. You must prove that you are authorized to enter the car, home, or business to access this service. It is usually provided as an emergency service, and it must be performed quickly and efficiently.

Types of lockout services and examples


Let’s say it’s a Friday night. You’re out with your friends for a special dinner for your partner Charlie’s promotion, and after the meal and a couple of drinks, you go dancing. When you return home, you’re standing in front of the door digging through your purse and can’t find your apartment keys. 

what is a lockout service

Locked out in the middle of the road?

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You look in your pockets, under the carpet, and behind the neighbor’s flower pot, but they’re nowhere to be found. You sit down on the floor, resigned, and then the flash comes to your mind of the time you used your keys to open Charlie’s beer and left them on the table in case someone else needed them. Now you find yourself alone in the cold of the early morning, looking for a solution. 

Then you remember you have internet and see the number of a beautiful 24-hour lockout service operator. You dial the number, give your address, and presto, the operator arrives at your home within 30 minutes. Enough to keep you awake at night. The nice man inserts his equipment into the lock and quickly opens the door. Now you can rest peacefully in your bed.

What is Lockout Service?

locked out what is


Now, imagine you’re speeding down a completely abandoned road on the highways of Indiana. The hot air dries your mouth, and the hot midday sun blinds your eyes. Yet this morning, you forgot to pack your sunglasses for long car rides, and now you’re regretting it. But what’s that? In the distance, you see a grocery store that looks very diverse and attractive. You sense that you’ll be able to settle the matter with the grocer and speed off to get there as soon as possible. 

So you get out of the car, quickly close the door and ask the shopkeeper to give you a bottle of water and some sunglasses. And to your surprise, yes, he has sunglasses for sale. You get the bottle, tell him to keep the change, put on the glasses and take a long drink of water, which refreshes you inside and out. Now you turn your gaze to the car and walk confidently to your destination. But what happens? You look in your pockets and can’t find your car keys. At that moment, a cold chill comes to your nose because you remember that you didn’t take out the keys. You look out the window, and sure enough, your Darth Vader keychain is hanging on the handlebar completely still. 

This is where you need our Indianapolis Emergency Lockout Service. So you call us, and within 30 minutes we will arrive to help you. While we arrived, you took the opportunity to buy your lunch, and it’s the perfect time to get back on your way.


What is Lockout Service?

Let’s say again that it’s 5 am. You get up for a jog, then prepare a nutritious breakfast and take a shower. Today is an important day because the T-shirt sale is finalized with the chain store that refused to answer your calls for a whole month. Now that you managed to find out the company secretary’s birthday and gave her a box of chocolates, it’s your big day. You finally have an appointment with the sales manager, and you know that your product is worth it to get into that company. You put on your best suit, get in the car and drive to your business to pick up the papers you need to get him to sign. When you get there, you look for the keys but they are nowhere to be found.

Then you remember that the last one to leave the office yesterday was Herb, the sales bum. You pick up your phone and call him frantically, but Herb doesn’t answer. So you start knocking on the door and yelling desperately until finally, in the back, inside the shop, you hear a sound. A cup has just fallen to the floor. Then you knock on the door desperately but Herb doesn’t get up to open it. It’s 7:30 am and the appointment is at 9.

You can’t wait any longer. So you pick up your phone and call the nearest lockout services operator and he arrives in the blink of an eye. The operator opens the door, and you find Herb asleep at your desk and a movie playing. So, you pick Herb up and dismiss him with all your anger. Then you take your papers and go to your winning appointment.


What is Lockout Service?

What's happening to your car?

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