Is it better to repair or replace a tire?

Is It Better To Repair Or Replace A Tire?

In many circumstances in which our tires are damaged, either because they are punctured or damaged, it will always be cheaper to repair them than to replace them. However, let’s see in which circumstances it is better to repair and which ones to replace. Is it better to repair or replace a tire? At Express Roadside, we believe it is better to repair, but let’s go a little deeper on this topic.

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When Is Better To Repair Or Replace A Tire?

There are several causes why a puncture can lead to a tire needing replacement because the damage has been so high that it is not worth repairing. If the puncture is more than 1/4 inch in diameter, it is better and safer to replace the tire. The most common cause of punctures is usually nails or sharp objects in the path of the tire. However, if the tire meets a small nail, it may not even damage the tread and allow the tire to function perfectly. The dangerous nails are long, usually like those used to nail roofs.

Suppose an unfortunate situation arises where there are several nails scattered on the ground. In that case, they usually need to be 16 inches or more apart in order for the tire to survive and be repaired. If they are closer together, you will need to replace the tire. It will also be necessary if the tire suffers cuts, separation, or crushing.

How to Get a Long-term Solution

If you go into any automotive supply store, you will see instant tire repairers offered. These are only intended to make temporary fixes, and those fixes should only be used during the time it takes to drive your vehicle to the auto shop. These emergency sealants are not a long-term solution and are not capable of repairing more than a small hole as they do not withstand cold weather.

These short-term solutions are meant to quickly get you to a qualified shop for proper tire repair or replacement. Please don’t risk it, and better call a roadside assistance service that will allow you to have your tires properly repaired. At Express Roadside you will be able to receive affordable roadside assistance 24/7 Indianapolis In. Just call us and ask for our tire repair services Indianapolis.

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