How to safely jump start a car with a dead battery


how to safely jump start a car with a dead battery

Any car can have battery issues that may make a tough start to a journey or an everyday track. Even worse, if the car stops in the middle of the road, or refuses to start in a technical stop along the way. Suppose this happens to you, and a friendly driver decides to stop to help you. You both got the cables to fix this, but none of you two know how to jump-start the car. What a confusing situation… But it is no problem, just search on your cell phone this guide to help you. Here are some tips on how to safely jump start a car with a dead battery.

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Park the vehicles

First, we are going to position and prepare the vehicles. Park the car with a good battery close to the disabled car. About 18 inches apart is perfect. That gives you enough room to work between the vehicles. The vehicles aren’t touching, but they are close enough that the cables can reach from one battery to another.

Preparation for the electric transference

Now, we are going to get into the vehicles prepare them.
If the vehicles are automatic, make the gear selector shift lever park. If one of the vehicles happens to have a manual transmission, put that in neutral. Then set the parking brake for each vehicle.

Next, make sure that anything electrical in your vehicle is turned off. Turn off the fan. Make sure the radio is off. Also, take a look that there are no overhead lights on. Unplug it if you have anything plugged into a power outlet, such as a charger. Last, take the keys out of the ignition.

This is to make sure that as much electricity as possible goes from the good battery to the bad battery.

Cables and where to connect them

Get the cables out and stretch them out. Ensure that none of the wires touch each other while we hook them up. A color code separates every set of wires. The positive ones are red. The negative ones are black.

Locate the battery in each vehicle. Find the positive and negative terminals in each battery. The positive terminal will be recognizable because it will be marked in red and will have a + symbol there. The negative one will be black and marked with a – symbol.

The order to connect the vehicules and turn on the good car

Now we are ready to start.
First, connect the positive cable to the terminal of the disabled battery.
Second, connect the positive red wire to the good battery.
Third, connect the negative black wire to the terminal of the good battery.

Don’t connect the other extreme of the cable to the bad battery terminal. This can cause a spark. There are a few possibilities that this can happen, and it’s not pretty dangerous. It’s safer to connect the negative clamp to a piece of bare unpainted metal on the side of the hood of the disabled car.

Last, turn on the good car and let it run for a couple of minutes. And that’s it.

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Last considerarions on how to safely jump start a car with a dead battery

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how to safely jump start a car with a dead battery

how to safely jump start a car with a dead battery

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