How to diagnose what’s wrong with your car if you crash in the middle of the road?


The chances of getting stuck in the middle of the road are high if your car counts more than five years on the road. Not everyone knows how to analyze or even repair a car issue. And most of the population that have a car doesn’t always have the money to afford the professional view. So here we have some tips to know how to diagnose what’s wrong with your car if you crash in the middle of the road.

Engine is running rough

One of the first things you must know is how to diagnose engine trouble. Suppose you are driving easily through the streets, and from one moment to another, your car stops. The first thing you should do is go to the front and open the hood to check it.

First, look into the engine and search for the wires on the back near the cabinet. If anything seems burnt, loose, or disconnected. Then look into the coils and check they don’t have a different color from what you know. Then look at the vacuum lines, and check if none of them are loose. If some of these things happen, they may be causing a misfire. Of course, you should not do this while the engine is running.

If you hear a whistle-type noise, you are going to want to find where that’s coming from. Something could be popped off or been loose. So check all the connectors, the snorkel and make sure nothings loose. May be if you check the air filter, will be necessary to prove the hose is connected. Someone who repaired your car before may forgot to tighten the hose or secured properly all the conectors.

how to diagnose what's wrong with your car

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Check all the connectors themselves. If you see anything corroded on them, that’s not gonna make good contact, and have to be replaced. Suppose you haven’t found something strange in this step consider asking for some Roadside Assistance Indianapolis to help you. Want to insist? lets check out the fluid levels.

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Fluid Levels on how to diagnose what's wrong with your car

It would help if you always looked at the engine fluid levels. If the engine’s oil is running low and the lifters aren’t getting pumped up with fluid, that can cause the engine to run rough.

In case the vehicle has variable valve timing, that will cause the timing to be off, and the engine will not run right. In other words, if your transmission fluid is low, it could cause the vehicle to shift funny.

At the coolant level, it’s essential to know if your vehicle doesn’t have any heat. If the coolant level is low, there will not be enough coolant to get into the heater, and consequently, the vehicle will not have heat. Take a look at the coolant bottle and find if there is a coolant leak spilling on the street.

Now the battery diagnosis is a topic for another post, but you know which parts of your engine to check. If you are interested in changing tires, here is a post that can help you to recognize your mobility kit to improve this task. Above all, if you need a 24 hr tire change service Indianapolis, you can count on us. We have a whole variety of services for you. Call us and ask for them.

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