Can you repair tires that have been run flat?


We can expect that when we just had an accident, and it causes a flat tire, there’s no other solution than repair tires. But is not always the case. If you need a tire repair, you can count on us.

But, Can you repair a run-flat tire? Yes, you can, but you need to have some things in mind: 
1. Physical factors can affect your track:

The car’s age, usage time, and the damage previously suffered by the automobile can affect the tires.

2. The road conditions can be unsafe:

Potholes, obstacles, curbs, sharp objects, speed bumps are also dangerous, and can make you ask: Would be a tire repair near me?

3. Weather conditions have effects on your car:

Extreme temperatures such as rain, snow, ice, intense sunlight, and ozone weaken your car’s resistance. Also, oil, grease, and other chemicals in the street might be a problem.

4. Bad driving habits grow issues:

Fast starts and use of the handbrake driving on deteriorated roads, not perceiving changes in maneuverability, noises, or vibrations, failure to consult a professional when changes occur.

What's happening to your car?

If you don't know how to solve this problem, ask for a Roadside Assistance Indianapolis, and let professionals solve this issue.


repair tires

5. Improper tires for the occasion:

Using summer tires on snow and ice, mixing tire types, using the incompatible wheel and rim sizes, fitting tires that do not have a speed rating and load index at least equal to or higher than those originally specified by the vehicle manufacturer, re-inflating a tire that has gone flat or overinflated, use a different size spare tire at speeds exceeding 50 mph (80 kph).

If they are damaged, you can repair the tires if:
  • The tire has not rolled when flat.
  • The damage is only in the tread section of your tire (sidewall damage ruins a tire immediately).
  • The puncture does not exceed 6 mm.
How to properly repair a tire?
  • Disassemble and inspect the tire inside as well as outside. Then you patch it from the inside and fill the puncture hole.
  • Do not allow anyone to place a plugin on your tire. Only one plug can be inserted in the perforated area but is unreliable.
  • A tire repair professional should do it.

Of course, the best is to hire a professional service to guide you to change a tire. And there’s no one better in the whole Indianapolis area than Express Roadside Assistance.

Does your tire need a reparation?

Call us and ask for our  Tire Repair Services Indianapolis. On Express Roadside, we provide you the best attention for your car.

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